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Although Mult is a little terrifying, he does not seem to mind me revealing everything I learn about him (and the future he is from).

If you'd like some very occasional updates about my discoveries, as well as news about my writing, please feel free to subscribe. I'll never give out your email without permission.

Any major news, interviews or publications I will always make known on my social media. But if you're an e-mail subscriber, you'll likely hear it first —and maybe learn a little extra.

  • Is there a short story collection coming?
    Yes! This is something that will be happening very soon. All the pieces are there, I just need to put them together in the best way possible.
  • Is there a novel coming?
    Yes! This will be following the short story collection. I have been working on it for quite some time now. It is a culmination of all the themes explored in my writing thus far.
  • Is Mult real?
    Mult is definitely real. What you see is not makeup or hollywood magic. It is in fact the exact opposite, this is someone who is comfortable appearing exactly as they are.
  • How many times have you met Mult?
    Twice. Once initially where I promptly forgot nearly everything we talked about. And a second time where I came ready with a book to write at least some of it down.
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