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Kajetan Kwiatkowski

Author Bio:

Hailing from the year 8000, Mult has come back to ensure young author Kajetan Kwiatkowski will continue to write science fiction featuring bugs. According to Mult, Kajetan's fiction is the seed that leads to the Great Eclosion: an era of prosperity between mankind and arthropods.


Kajetan has been happy to oblige. Thus far, he has had numerous sci-fi shorts published, and a collection on the horizon. Ever since playing Sim Ant on Windows 98, Kajetan has had a lifelong interest in insects. He’s fine when a fly falls in his soup, and he’s fine when a spider nestles in the side mirror of his car. So far he's managed to please Mult and enjoy living  a somewhat normal life in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Kajetan Kwiatkowski (Left) alongside Mult (Right)

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